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Leo Prediction for May 2023: Get ready for an intense month

Leo will be in a powerful position to start taking control of their life this month

Welcome to May, Leo! This is a month for you to really take stock of everything that's been happening in your life so far this year. As the Sun moves through your sign, you'll be in a hugely powerful position to start taking control and building yourself up. But don't forget to keep some energy in reserve, there are going to be moments when things don't go your way, and it's important to remember that this is all part of your journey.


The first half of May is likely to bring some unique opportunities when it comes to love. If you're single, you could find yourself drawn into some unexpected encounters with potential partners. Don't be afraid to take risks here, if there's someone who catches your eye, go for it! New and exciting possibilities could open up for you if you're willing to put yourself out there.

If you're already in a relationship make sure that you both take the time to sit down together and talk about where each of you would like the relationship to go, this could be a momentous step forward for both of you if done correctly.

That said, be aware that the second half of May could bring some challenging moments for couples. There could be days when one or both of you feel overwhelmed by the intensity of the situation and struggle to express yourselves clearly. If this happens, try to take a step back and remember that it's okay to not always have all the answers.

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Make sure that you both take the time to talk about where you would like the relationship to go | Getty Images


May should bring some positive energy when it comes to money. This could be a great time for you to think about how you want to use your money in the longer term. Investing in yourself is always a good idea, why not look into some extra qualifications or courses that could give you an edge in the future?

Unfortunately, there may be some negative financial vibes in the second half of May. Be wary of any dodgy investments or schemes which sound too good to be true, there could be someone trying to take advantage of you. Keep an eye on your bank accounts and don't be afraid to ask for professional advice if something doesn't feel right. 


Your friendships should be feeling strong and supportive during May. Don't be afraid to reach out if you need help with anything, this could also be a chance for your friends to give back after all the support you've given them over the years. 

However, be aware that there could be moments where misunderstandings arise between you and your pals. Someone might misinterpret something you say or do, leading to an argument which could linger for days afterward unless resolved quickly. If this happens, take the initiative and try to talk things out calmly, both of you will feel much better once everything is cleared up. 

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Your friendships should be feeling strong and supportive during May | Getty Images


Your health should generally be looking good during May, but there may still be times when things can get overwhelming. Make sure that you're taking enough time for yourself each day, even if it's just for a few minutes, this could be the difference between feeling exhausted or energized for the rest of the month.

It's also worth keeping an eye out for any physical ailments which may arise in the second half of May. If you start to feel unwell, don't be afraid to see a doctor and get checked out properly. It's always better to be safe than sorry, and you'll be thankful that you took the initiative if something serious is going on.